As the poets have mournfully sung,
Death takes the innocent young,
The rolling-in-money,
The screamingly-funny,
And those who are very well hung.

Tactless. Fiendish. Poe-Faced. Bedeviled. Ecclectic. Gothalla. Haught for Byron. Crooning. Romantic. ShelleBelle. Hermitee. Artist. Symbolist. Obscurist. Dramatist. Classicist. Fool of Passion. Woman of Letters.

At last I called. He did not hear. I called again, a whole stream of "Albé’s" from baritone to falsetto, enough to wake the dead. He stopped, turned, saw me with my arms held high like one waiting to be lifted up and transported, and deliberately shook his head. I had expected at least a “Polly, Mílan,” but got nothing at all. I saw him speak to Hobhouse, who turned and stared at me as if I were a newborn leper. On they went, and I had not the heart to shout again; I left him to the echoes (one faint Albé just dying away behind me, of all places) and the natives, knowing that, if we were to meet in Milan, I would do the finding, not he. Tears in my eyes again made me wince at my own shamelessness. Why did I need him so much? Once upon a time I had never needed him at all, and now he was a drug in contrast with whom opium was bang-up ginger-pop…
Paul West (J.W. Polidori), Lord Byron’s Doctor 

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#I can see that THIS is going to become problematic


  • not carey
  • made Dave Vanian cry when he realized his hair stripe isn’t as legit as Mariah’s
  • is friends with an actual Byronic and hasn’t put him out of his misery yet
  • is 2kind 4this world



you cosmic Shelleyan badass,
you coiner of coke-mattress—
who at one juncture in time I was too hideously shy to speak to—
YOU are impossibly gorgeous and I adore you. 

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Un dolce sguardo almeno sia premio alla mia fé

Skullpulse ; Restless Sleep 1-3

Thomas Dolby

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The Galateo - this masterpiece of Tuscan prose was hurled out a window by Vittorio Alfieri after the eighteenth-century poet and dramatist had read only its first word, a pretentious literary term for ‘since’: Conciossiacosaché
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presenting…the Romantics network!!

have you ever wished you could finally just meet everyone who likes the Romantics as much as you do? well, now you can!


  • sharing opinions on the Romantic era writers and artists and interpretations of their work
  • discussing the lives of the Romantics
  • meeting people who also love the Romantics
  • sharing selfies/mixes/edits and being a community
  • reblogging silly text posts
  • generally being obsessed with the Romantics


tbh i’ll probs accept u if u are into the Romantics at all because we’re a pretty small group but…

  • you like the Romantics! (obviously)
  • preferably have a good tagging system and a nice theme, but is not required


  • don’t have to be following me (dwightfryes) but it is recommended. however, you might want to check out my side blogs (charlesbaudelaires and electrocutionrevolution) because they are a bit more Romantic
  • you must have posted stuff about the Romantics regularly (and by regularly i mean at least once). i will be checking to make sure.
  • fill out this application thingy
  • REBLOG this post
  • if you have any questions/comments, shoot me an ask
  • i hope to select some members by september 10, but you can still apply afterwards. spread the word!


  • MUST follow the main blog romanticsnetwork
  • preferred if you follow romanticsnetworkmembers
  • preferred if you follow all other members, but not required
  • MUST track the network tag #realromantics
  • feel free to post text posts/selfies/graphics/mixes in the tag whenever you want
  • reblog and like other members selfies/graphics/mixes and promo if you want!



People will stare. Make it worth their while → Alexander McQueen | Pre-Fall ‘13

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